Internet Interruption

  • 10 June 2020
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Hi Everyone!

Recently I have updated my Internet to the new 250 Mbps receiving a new Aris modem and also as I have a big house 4 pods of StellarWIFI.

I have noticed that even though I work in the kitchen connecting over the WIFI to the pod which is connected to the modem my Internet quite often just disappears for about 15-20 sec. Sometimes it happens every 20 min, sometimes only every 2 hours so no quite pattern here.

As I work from home it’s quite annoying as it usually happens when I’m exactly in the middle of something.

It seems that there’s some sort of reconnection however I can’t figure it out. When it happens all lights on the modem are exactly the same as when the connection is fine so can’t understand where to check next.

Does any experience the same or may be know how to fix it?

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I have the pods before and to avoid interferences, what I suggest is to move the pods away from baby monitors, cordless phones, video senders, microwaves, etc. which will cause interference on the same channels used by your WiFi. Also consider distances around 4-6 metres for Pods and 9-12 metres for SuperPods, which can still vary largely depending on the building materials you used at your home. If you did this and still getting those interferences, inform Melita support right away which I do in case I encounter some problems.