Pods offline in my network

  • 5 July 2020
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I recently added 3 stellar pods in my account and sometimes, one of the pods went offline or cannot be seen in my network. Is there any remedy to have this problem sorted? 

1 reply

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There are some factors that we might consider why one of your pods is not working. It could be that one of your pod is not on or unplugged or someone accidentally off the power socket where your pods is plugged in so you might try to check and confirm if all pods do have power or there is light on it. 
If you have checked that all pods that are connected properly to the power socket and its really on, then maybe the problem here is the range issue which means you are too far away from that pod, you should try as well to move the pod closer to another working pod. The pod should connect.
If none of the above works then contact melita support to further assist you.