Upgrade of Internet Speed

  • 13 March 2019
  • 4 replies

Can I change my internet speed after I have signed up? Like do an upgrade?

4 replies

In my case, I had the Internet 30mbps and already signed the contract. Later on, I did an upgrade to Internet 250mbps for the flexi bundle package and signed another 24-month contract.
I believe, there is no need to sign another contract as long you are making an upgrade.
I have signed up for 250 Mbps then recently got an upgrade to speed up my internet for 500 Mbps and very grateful because I'm still under with the same contract.😀
Yes, you can upgrade your internet speed @Taylor13. Before, I only have like 500 mbps but I decided to upgrade my speed since I have 4 kids that are also using the internet plus my grandmother and husband.