wall extender connectivity problem

  • 28 July 2020
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Dear all

Good evening

Maybe someone can help me out ,some months ago i did change my wifi router to model Arris TG2492 and the plugin wall extender

started to give me connectivity problems,meaning that i cannot connect at all.

When i saw the log file in the wall extender is says (failed to connect DHCP) but after i will restart the Arris wifi it works perfectly fine but after like 1 day when i try to connect to the wall extender again it gives me the same problem so i have to restart the Arris wifi again!

I tried what i could thing of  like assigned the mac address of the extender in the Arris wifi, i made the static IP instead the auto,i also upgraded the firmware of the extender ,i also changed the channel like 6 or 11 but none of the mentioned helped in this problem.

What i can do more ? because i was thinking of buying another extender to try but i am afraid that it will not help.

The previous router wifi never had any of these kind of problem ,only happened when i had the new Arris router

Anyway the model of the extender is TP-link. TL-WA855RE

thank you and good day



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