Mobile use with no contract

  • 26 May 2020
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I have been a customer of Melita for landline & broadband for 14 years - in the UK I pay at the most £6 for a month of mobile usage inc EU, no contract (Giff Gaff) - the charges for mobile usage here are astronomical + tied into a contract - I guess as there is not much competition, only Go & Vodaphone, all similar - how do people manage to afford to use a mobile?

1 reply

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We do have different mobile plans available. In case the current plan you have is expensive for your everyday use, I recommend to contact one of our representatives and ask for a a mobile plan that will suit your needs. For the contract, the options are 24-month contract and month on month. Having the month on month contract allows you to suspend or terminate your plan anytime (30-day notice for termination still applies) but it will be €10 more monthly compared to the 24-month contract. We have our Postpaid (endless data), Prepaid (no contract) and Hybrid Mobiles plans that to choose from.